Top 10 affiliate programs

Adsense is not always good when it comes to performance. Most of the times they show ads irrelevant to the topic and results a low CTR. The solution is going for good affiliate programs with adsense. They will boost your overall revenue from your blog. [….]

Below is a list of top affiliate programmes :

  • – Refer people to and if they sign up and use the program , you will make 12% of what they will make. For those who don’t know about , its a program which enable you to earn money from sponsering your tweets.
  • DirectCPV – The good thing about directcpv is that you don’t have to care for conversions as you will get paid for every time a user click on the banner. Affiliates earn a 60% revenue share on the views generated.
  • HostGator – hostgator affiliate program gives $125 for every sign up for an account. The huge value for sign up ensures a higher income even if the conversion rates are not so high.
  • Photobucket – If you have a pictures and wallpapers website or blog where users are interested in images then you can refer them to create account at photobucket. They pay you 40% of the revenue earned from the account.
  • E- junkie – Sign up with e-junkie and sell digital products online associated with a fixed commission .
  • ClickBank – When it comes to affiliate marketing and sales clickbank are always a hot favourite. You can embed your clickbank code anywhere like your blog , website and forums and can earn quick buck.The commissions are as high as up to 75% which is the best in the industry.
  • NeverBlueAds – One of the best affiliate programs having a great list of clients.
  • Amazon – Make money by selling Amazon products on your website. Earning is up to 15% of the product sold.
  • Shareresults – Shareresults is another  affiliate network with a long list of high payout clients.
  • Partners @ V7n – V7n directory affiliate programs lets you earn $25 for each referral resulting in a successful submission.

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