Free Windows Mobile 6.5 Widgets!


You have to see this one to believe it!

Windows Mobile 6.5 is not released yet, but the WinMo community is already loaded with 6.5 goodies: themes, add-ons, ripped applications and lately – widgets.

The new widgets engine allows applications built from HTML and JavaScript to run using the IE 6 Mobile engine, but without the “chrome” (IE menus, address bar etc) which are normally associate with web pages.

David K. from FuzeMobility just published his huge 50 (!!!) items widgets collection. (yep, you heard that one right, 50 Windows Mobile widgets), where each widget takes you to your favorite web site without having to open the Internet Explorer.

So if you are already using a pre released 6.5, you can use them immediately, or you can wait a few more months and in the meantime, store them as a kick-off pack once you upgrade to 6.5.

Mobile Spoon Widget!

The Mobile Spoon got a dedicated widget too (thanks again David!) and you can see it (along with other examples) in the images below:


mobilespoonmobilitydigest testfreaks1800pocketpc

For more details about the Widget Mania and to download the huge widgets pack – head over to the original post.

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