Cricket world cup 2011

The ICC World Cup 2011 will be hosted by three South Asian Countries namely India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Best pat is that India will host maximum number of matches in  the World Cup Tournament. India will host 29 matches

Group A:



New Zealand

Sri Lanka




Group B:


South Africa



West Indies



Full schedule
Feb 19: Bangladesh v India, Dhaka
Feb 20: New Zealand v Kenya, Chennai
Feb 20: Sri Lanka v Canada, Hambantota
Feb 21: Australia v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad
Feb 22: England v Netherlands, Nagpur
Feb 23: Pakistan v Kenya, Hambantota
Feb 24: South Africa v West Indies, New Delhi
Feb 25: Australia v New Zealand, Nagpur
Feb 25: Bangladesh v Ireland, Dhaka
Feb 26: Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Colombo
Feb 27: India v England, Kolkata
Feb 28: West Indies v Netherlands, New Delhi
Feb 28: Zimbabwe v Canada, Nagpur
March 1: Sri Lanka v Kenya, Colombo
March 2: England v Ireland, Bangalore
March 3: South Africa v Netherlands, Mohali
March 3: Pakistan v Canada, Colombo
March 4: New Zealand v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad
March 4: Bangladesh v West Indies, Dhaka
March 5: Sri Lanka v Australia, Colombo
March 6: India v Ireland, Bangalore
March 6: England v South Africa, Chennai
March 7: Kenya v Canada, New Delhi
March 8: Pakistan v New Zealand, Pallekele
March 9: India v Netherlands, New Delhi
March 10: Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe, Pallekele
March 11: West Indies v Ireland, Mohali
March 11: Bangladesh v England, Chittagong
March 12: India v South Africa, Nagpur
March 13: New Zealand v Canada, Mumbai
March 13: Australia v Kenya, Bangalore
March 14: Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Pallekele
March 14: Bangladesh v Netherlands, Chittagong
March 15: South Africa v Ireland, Kolkata
March 16: Australia v Canada, Bangalore
March 17: England v West Indies, Chennai
March 18: Sri Lanka v New Zealand, Mumbai
March 18: Ireland v Netherlands, Kolkata
March 19: Australia v Pakistan, Colombo
March 19: Bangladesh v South Africa, Dhaka
March 20: Zimbabwe v Kenya, Kolkata
March 20: India v West Indies, Chennai

March 23: Quarter-final, Dhaka
March 24: Quarter-final, Colombo
March 25: Quarter-final, Dhaka
March 26: Quarter-final, Ahmedabad
March 29: Semi-final, Colombo
March 30: Semi-final, Mohali
April 2: Final, Mumbai

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